About us

We specialize in real estate sales, building renovations and constructions


Lion Estate Ltd. is an experienced company specializing in real estate sales, building renovations and all types of construction. Company established in 2016. as well as previously the team has worked in real estate and construction for many years.


Lion Estate is a family business. With a strong and versatile, experienced team of professionals, we can guarantee quality work. Team work is the strength.

Māris Dambis

Owner of the company

Kristaps Ošs-Ervics

Construction specialist, project manager

Edgars Delģiado

Project manager

Our goals

Our main goal is to offer the highest quality work and a personal approach to everyone.

As Liepāja is such a special city in our hearts, another of our most important goals is to straighten and renovate the old buildings of Liepāja. To give them the opportunity to live another life and to make Liepāja even more beautiful than before. Currently, the Lion Estate team has carried out a complete renovation of several buildings up to the full finishing of all the apartments in the building. Completed projects can be viewed here:

Our projects

We offer to purchase apartments in Lion Estate projects. In fully renovated buildings in different districts of Liepaja.

There are apartments of different squares available, and it is possible to plan your own desired square meter layout.

Building & construction

We offer various construction services, apartment inside renovations, house insulation, roofing, complete house construction, restoration works.


We will help you to find the best offer for house/apartment purchase or rent: starting from new properties; holiday homes; office space; or other types of real estate

We will help you sell your house, apartment, office space, land or other type of real estate.

Arrangement of documents: real estate appraisal, lease / purchase agreement or any other necessary agreements

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